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I could go through and put a short description of what's in each magazine, and some day I might if the logs show that people are downloading them.. So it's a crap shoot to see what you get.. I also need to thank a few people here.. They were instrumental in making this magazine happen month after month for nothing more than the free games that they got to play..

These guys put their all into it every month and for that I thank them..

The DOS Versions: These do run, but tend to lock up on some sound cards.. Not a big deal since you can just close the file if that happens.. Issue #1 has serious graphic issues, hey, this was all new back then..

The Windows Versions: These were all built using Macromedia's Authorware.. At the time I was using it to build some basic training software and using it to build the magazine seemed the logical solution.. These all pretty much run great..