VrE online
A division of Southern Cross Multimedia

VrE Online was originally founded as a small part of Cyber Publishing's first attempts to reach a large segment of the public with a free magazine focused on and for the electronic community. In January 1994, Cyber Publishing's lead title, Cyber Mag, was broken into 5 smaller, more focused magazines. In May 1994, the first issue of VrE Online was released to a worldwide market, reaching nearly 50,000 readers with it's first issue. The December 1994 issue of VrE Online reached nearly 100,000 readers!

In December 1994, VrE Online was moved under the banner of Southern Cross Multimedia. SCM brought to VrE Online a new windows format, and a new drive to bring to the electronic community an exceptional, free, magazine with an even more focused look at the computer and entertainment industry.

VrE Online's primary focus is in the fields of Virtual Reality and Entertainment on the PC. While VrE does not limit itself to those topics, occasionally straying into the cartridge game industry, and it's avid support of groups such as EFF, the primary goal is to bring accurate reviews and information to as many people as possible.

In the spring of 1995, VrE Online switched from a bi-monthly release to a monthly release schedule. This has been made possible by an even greater commitment by the writers, and a greater acceptance by the gaming industry of the electronic information industry.

Please feel free to contact VrE Online at anytime with any questions or information you may have.

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