Key to Scores and Reviews

Consider the following NEW review header:

NAME: Cutthroats
AUTHOR: Infocom
EMAIL: ???
DATE: September 1984
PARSER: Infocom Standard
SUPPORTS: Infocom ports
URL: Not available.

The new header is shorter and easier to read. It relegates the comments on writing, atmosphere, etc. back into the body of the review, which should not pose a problem. The sections needing explanation are:

DATE: When the game was released. Month and year are preferred, but year by itself will be accepted.
URL: Where the game can be found on the Internet. Obviously, Cutthroats shouldn't be available on the net, so here's an example for "Shelby's Light":


This will make the magazine a little friendlier for Web browsers. My thanks to Gareth Rees for the new header format. He used it in one of his reviews, and I liked it so much I decided to make it the official form.

The EMAIL section is for the e-mail address of the game author, not the reviewer. AVAILABILITY will usually have either Commercial ($price), Shareware ($price), or Freeware. If the commercial price varies in stores, then it will just say Commercial. If it has been released in the LTOI collection, this line should say so. Lastly, if it is available on, the line should add GMD. (Demo) if it's a demo version. The body of the review hasn't changed.

When submitting reviews: Try to fill in as much of this info as you can. Also, scores are still desired along with the reviews, so send those along. The scores will be used in the ratings section. Authors may not rate or review their own games.

SPAG accepts reviews of any length, letters to the editor, the occasional interesting article on text adventures (no reprints please), and even just ratings for your favorite game, if you don't have the time to do a full review. Please though, at least send me info for each game you have rated equivalent to the review header for Cutthroats, above. All accepted materials will be headed by the submitter's name and e-mail address, unless you request that they be withheld, or do not supply them, in which case the header will read as "Anonymous."