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Ace Ventura from 7th Level

Who can you turn to when there's animal injustice in the world? Who can you call to ask for help finding your aunt's blue poodle Fifi who was last seen by the crocodile cages at the local zoo? Who would be clever enough, smart enough, and zany enough to rescue animals in their time of need from the people who would harm them? Why Ace Venture, Pet Detective of course! Willing to take on the toughest cases in the strangest places. If Ace is on the job, you're pet's as good as rescued.

Savior of all that can't speak a human language, Ace Ventura is out to save the animal populace from inhumane conditions. In his first CD-ROM adventure players will guide Ace through more than 30 different locations around the world gathering clues, unraveling the workings of the criminal mind and (of course) saving defenseless animals. From case to case Ace will uncover clues that will ultimately lead to the most hideous of criminals_Phatteus Lardus. Can your deductive skills help Ace through it all?

Ace Venture feels like it's aimed more at kids than adults, though there are the occasional jokes and comments that make you burst out laughing. After checking out the preview, our official VrE Online Kid-Game-o-Meter™ gave it two toes up. The puzzles range from the trial-and-error type to mazes. Adults may tire of the sometimes annoying, but never boring dialog from Ace as he comments on anything and everything.

Ace will run under both Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and Macintosh using 7th Level's new TopGun™ technology. Ace Ventura is scheduled for release later this year. At a projected price of $39.99, Ace might be a game your kids would enjoy!

--- Louis Stice
--- louis@psyber.com

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