Alien Incident from GameTek
A sci-fi adventure with a sense of humor.

Being a kid isn't always as easy as it seems; especially when your uncle is Alberto Einstone, an overlooked and often misunderstood scientist. He's always making these great but often weird inventions. His latest invention, the Wormhole Spawner, has caused more trouble than usual, though. You see, when he turned it on to test it out, lightning struck it and the Wormhole Spawner opened up a hole in a far away galaxy. At the same time, some aliens were chasing an entity traveled through the Wormhole back to Earth. Now my uncle's been kidnapped by aliens and I have to rescue him. Maybe you could give me some help in rescuing him? It's bound to be a great adventure!

In Alien Incident you play the part of Benjamin Richards a young boy who has to save his uncle, discover what the invading aliens are after, and come up with an excuse as to why he stayed up so late past his bed-time. Aimed at the novice, Alien Incident is an excellent introduction into the world of adventure games. The graphics, although 320x200, are great--as are the animations and cut-scenes. The people talk throughout the introduction, but not in the game--this may change by the time the game comes out, maybe not. The songs in the game are all done in .S3M format so the music sounds exactly the same on every machine. (There's no hassle with MIDI songs sounding weird on some cards and excellent on others. The game always sound great.) The interface is simple, easy to learn and easy to use, which is essential for the novice gamer.

As for entertainment value, this is the kind of game that both kids and adults can enjoy. Experienced adventure gamers will feel that this game is much too short, but the novice gamer will feel that the game is "just right". The humor in Alien Incident is the kind where some of the jokes are aimed at the kids and others are directed at adults. While reviewing this preview, I found myself laughing out-loud at some of the clever and unexpected jokes and spoofs. This game is intended to be fun and it's definitely that.

Alien Incident is scheduled to be in stores by October. The minimum hardware requirements are a 386 with 4 Megs of Ram and 20 Megs of Hard Drive space. Recommended is a 486 with 4 Megs of Ram and a sound card. It's nice to see software companies realize that you don't have to design a game that requires a Pentium to be fun. GameTek should be happy because Alien Incident looks like a winner!

-- Louis Stice

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