KKnD is "THe OnLy wAY To liVe"

January 17, 1997 - KKnD is "THe OnLy wAY To liVe"

Melbourne, Australia - December 12, 1997 - Environmental disasters in the 21st century did not materialize. Nanotechnology had been developed to clean up existing problems and heavy industry has been shifted to space. The century was a "golden era".

Until 2079..........
Without even a Red Alert of a warning, nuclear warheads rain down from space. Within a week, cities become radioactive furnaces....A quarter of the world's population has been exterminated...They were the lucky ones....

Waves of mutagenic viruses struck at human and animal alike. Horribly altered by the effects of viruses and radiation, the strong struggled to exist. Branding into groups for strength and protection, they build weapons out of whatever they can find, and tame animals and plants they come across. It appears that the only pockets of humanity that survived unaffected would be a group of people that hid safely within secret bunkers, deep underground.

60 years on, these shelter dwellers brake through to the surface. Faced with the resulting generation of the New World, both groups are keen on survival, which can only be achieved on destroying all those who insist to Command & Conquer this world. A new conflict has begun, with over 30 single player missions and 10 multiplayer network scenarios, in an intricately detailed, post-apocalyptic, fully rendered SVGA landscape, populated by raven mutant beasts. Featuring veteran units that increase in skill and toughness, possessing healing abilities, unit retreating and threat weighted attacks, all made possible through the human-like AI. The most intense battle sequences ever seen, with more spectacular carnage than any Warcraft. A complex, rich and developing storyline that involves the player directly with the history of the planet, and its resulting future. A revolutionary compact in game user interface, providing the largest possible game viewing area.

Welcome to Melbourne House/Electronic Arts': KKnD: KrUsh, kiLL 'N" deSTrOY......On January 17, 1997, Its "THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE"

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