Activision's A-10 Cuba! features free multiplayer capability!

New Flight Simulator Includes Network License and Additional Licenses for Nominal Fee

Los Angeles, CA - December 5, 1996 - Providing a special added-value for combat flight simulator enthusiasts, Activision Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) A-10 Cuba! equips computer pilots with one free license to wage war with a buddy over a Local Area Network (LAN) using a single copy of the game. Players may add up to eight multiplayer-only opponents to their melees by simply purchasing additional licenses for $15 each. A stunningly realistic flight simulator, A-10 Cuba! is currently available for Windows 95.

"A-10 Cuba! offers combat sim fans all the exciting, white-knuckle tension of airborne combat against your buddies at a tremendous value," said Bobby Kotick, Chairman and C.E.O., Activision, Inc. "This development continues our effort to bring multiplayer gaming to the broadest possible market."

In A-10 Cuba!, players strap into the cockpit of the Fairchild A-10 Warthog as they defend the United States base at Guantanamo Bay from attacking Cuban rebels. Seated before a fully-instrumented virtual cockpit complete with player-operated dials, knobs and switches, players launch airborne assaults on bridges, roads and enemy installments over 15,000 square miles of beautifully rendered jungles, coastline and mountains.

A-10 Cuba! delivers a stunningly realistic flight environment and dynamic, fast-action gameplay. The game's expansive world is based on a real physics model that instantaneously computes hundreds of equations of motion, providing planes, missiles and even shrapnel with authentic gravity, friction and inertia.

In addition, a revolutionary engine faithfully simulates the rigid body motion and aerodynamic behavior of the A-10, altering the flight dynamics of the plane according to load weight, altitude and atmospheric conditions. The player's plane in A-10 Cuba! has all the characteristics of a real airplane _ the engine thrust capacity approximates that of an actual A-10, an in-cockpit fire extinguisher can be used to put out pesky blazes and control-surface trim adjusts flight characteristics on take-off and landing.

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