Wanderlust Interactive Continues The Pink Panther Adventure Online With SpySpace Web Site and Postcards to Peril Game

New York, NY, December 9, 1996 Jump into a world of intrigue, travel and cultural conundrums with your crafty co-conspirator, The Pink Panther, by punching in the secret code (www.wanderlust.com/peril). Wanderlust Interactive (NASDAQ: LUST) today unveiled SpySpace, an online romping ground for devoted fans of the pink cat and his madcap adventures in The Pink PantherUs* Passport to Peril*. SpySpace, WanderlustUs first online interactive gaming site, continues PinkUs adventures with Postcards to Peril*, a captivating 3D board game. The site also includes tons of links that take gamers around the world and a private chat room where they can trade confidential info with other secret agents.

We are trying to entertain while educating people by combining exciting content with leading edge technology, said Catherine Winchester, CEO of Wanderlust Interactive. RSpySpace and Postcards to Peril are the perfect outlets for gamers who want to continue their Passport to Peril adventures, have fun while learning or just hang out with other Tsecret agentsU on the Web who share a fondness for The Pink Panther.

The Pink Panther's Postcards to Peril is an amusing 3D online board game crammed with fascinating facts and great game play. Using information found in SpySpace and on linked Web sites, gamers must roll their die, answer questions based on categories and facts from the Passport to PerilUs PDA (Pink Digital Assistant of course!), and move their game pieces around the 3D board. Premiering with England, Postcards to Peril will grow to include a board game for each of the six countries featured in Passport to Peril, including Australia, India, China, Bhutan, and Egypt. Players travel along the game path picking up colorful postcards featuring PinkUs photogenic face in each country, all the while trying to figure out the shortest route around the board.

SpySpace includes:
Travel Tips
Take a trip around the SpySpace Links to Australia, Bhutan, China, Egypt, England and India for a quick country overview and loads of links to related Web sites.
Classified Kids
Learn the quirks and quotes of the pint-sized set of campers in Passport to Peril in the Info section.
Hallelujah for Hints!
Ridiculous rhymes help gamers on their multi-cultural and multi-country jaunt through Passport to Peril.
Memorable Mugshots
View mug shots of the most accomplished secret agents who have completed Passport to PerilUs mission.
SpySpace Support
SpySpace also includes an online support page with FAQs, troubleshooting tips and a direct link to Wanderlust.

Players can jump into SpySpace and Postcards to Peril directly from their Passport to Peril CD-ROM at any time during game play or from any area on WanderlustUs Web site (www.wanderlust.com) using a compatible web browser.

Passport to Peril debuted at retail in October as the first title in WanderlustUs Intelligent Fun & Games line. The game takes players on a multi-cultural comedy adventure with The Pink Panther to solve a mystery of global proportions. Developed for kids ages 8-14, but entertaining for anyone 8 to 108, Passport to Peril is a vibrant animated adventure game brimming with clever dialogue, comical high-jinks and cultural cach.

Founded in July, 1994, by Catherine Winchester, a pioneer in the international multimedia publishing industry, Wanderlust Interactive, Inc. creates intelligent, humorous, and hip interactive entertainment products for people of all ages and cultures. The first title in WanderlustUs Intelligent Fun & Games line, The Pink Panther's Passport to Peril, debuted in October, 1996. The company completed a public offering in March 1996 that raised over $6.5 million on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market (NASDAQ: LUST). Wanderlust can be found on the Web at www.wanderlust.com.

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