IBVA Technologies First to Combine Brainwave Tracking With Virtual i-O! Corp.'s Virtual Reality Headset

New VR Expansion Pak Incorporates Brainwave Tracking Into Virtual i-glasses! Head Mounted Display System for Unique Wetware VR Experience

NEW YORK -- November 4, 1996 -- IBVA Technologies announced today its Virtual Reality (VR) Expansion Pak. The new VR Expansion Pak consists of a Virtual i-glasses! head mounted display (HMD) system from Virtual i-O! Corp. and an attached, pre-fitted IBVA electrode browpad for adding brainwave tracking to the fully immersive and virtual experiences possible with the i-glasses! system.

Expansion Pak Complements Innovative Brainwave Control System IBVA has a core brainwave control system consisting of a computer-based bio-electrical interpreter that features a one- or two-channel headband, wireless transmitter, receiver and brainwave analysis software that provides a direct mind-to-personal computer link. With the core system, users wearing the headband can track their brainwaves in 3-D on their computer screen and use those brainwaves to control electronically addressable devices such as lights, CD Players, and MIDI devices.

The company is developing a series of Expansion Paks to expand the capabilities of the IBVA system. Recently, the company announced its Video Game Expansion Pak consisting of an IBVA-enhanced arcade joystick and add-on software that enables IBVA users to use their brainwaves to wirelessly control industry standard video games for Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo and Sony Playstation.

VR Expansion Pak is Easy to Use; Offers Unique Gaming and VR Experience The IBVA system is a wireless device so IBVA users simply attach the transmitter from the IBVA headband to the VR Expansion Pak's i-glasses! HMD. In addition, a pre-fitted, removable electrode browpad attaches to the headset so that a user wears it with the brain tracking feature in the same exact way one normally wears the VIO headset.

"Our VR Expansion Pak brings the user into an entirely new realm of gaming, as well as market research," says Drew Devito, executive vice president with IBVA. "For games, the VR Pak allows the user to be completely immersed in graphics and sound with the brainwave interaction seamlessly tracked and integrated into the game as it is played. In addition, with the IBVA, researchers now have a tool to know exactly what a person is hearing and seeing as the brainwaves are tracked and analyzed in real-time. Our VR Pak is an extremely powerful tool that true market research firms will find invaluable," adds Devito.

Product Availability
The VR Expansion Pak is shipping and retails for $450. The VR Expansion Pak includes the modified i-glasses! HMD. The IBVA system retails for $1,295 for the one channel system and $2, 195 for the two-channel system. The IBVA system is required to use the VR Expansion Pak.

The VR Expansion Pak and the IBVA brainwave control system are available direct from IBVA Technologies, Inc.

Learn more about the new IBVA VR Expansion Pak and IBVA's brainwave control technology at IBVA's World Wide Web site, www.opendoor.com/pagoda/ibva.html.

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