VR1 Recruits Seasoned Talent to Propel Online Games and Comics Divisions

Boulder, CO - November 25, 1996 - Poised for growth and expansion, VR1, the online entertainment company specializing in multiplayer games and digital comics, has added two renowned professionals to its creative team. Carl Potts, former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, is spearheading the development of VR1's online comics, while accomplished game designer and writer Graeme Davis is lending his talent to the development of VR1Us multiplayer games.

We are very pleased to add two of the most extraordinary talents in the industry to our team, says Mike Moniz, president of VR1. We are gearing up for major launches and strategic alliances that we anticipate will further strengthen our standing in the industry. The professional experience and creative guidance that Carl and Graeme offer will be an integral part of our growth.

Graeme Davis (whose name is an anagram of "Game Adviser" and "Varied Games") has a 14-year career in roleplaying games, computer games and edutainment Software. Starting as a freelancer for the influential British gaming magazines White Dwarf and Imagine, Davis joined Games Workshop to develop their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game line. He has written for many major roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and Vampire: the Masquerade. At MicroProse UK, Davis contributed to Harrier Jump Jet, The Legacy and Fields of Glory. His freelance clients have included Interplay, Psygnosis and U.S. Gold. Davis joins VR1 from Magnet Interactive Studios, where he worked on various projects including the award-winning One Small Square: Backyard edutainment CD-ROM for Virgin Sound and Vision.

Carl Potts is a cornerstone of the comic book industry, having spent over 15 years as a writer, artist and editor. Among his many accomplishments are developing a widely successful franchise out of the Punisher group of books and creating the Alien Legion comic book series. During his tenure as a comic editor, PottsUs keen eye for talent prompted him to recruit and develop many of todayUs top comic book artists. Potts will contribute his talents to the expansion of the subject matter and genres offered in VR1Us series of online comics, which currently includes MegaBot*, Animal Kingdom, I4NI and the recently launched Tech-Monger.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia and Toronto, Canada, VR1 is an entertainment company that is creating massively multiplayer games and innovative serialized content. VR1 is developing sophisticated proprietary client and server technology for the creation of digital entertainment to be distributed over the Internet, online services and emerging broadband and cable networks. VR1 is located at www.vr1.com.

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