Her Interactive to ship CD-ROM game THE VAMPIRE DIARIES in early November

Albuquerque, NM -- Her Interactive(TM) today announced their newest CD-ROM game The Vampire Diaries(TM) will appear in retail stores by early November. While created for girls ages 13 and up, The Vampire Diaries' suspenseful mystery should have widespread appeal.

The 3-D graphic mystery adventure is based on the best-selling series of thriller novels for young adults. The player assumes the role of Elena, a popular high school student caught in a web of friendship, intrigue and suspense in the quiet town of Fells Church, VA. Her once safe and familiar world becomes eerie and forbidding when a mysterious, sinister vampire attacks, and it becomes the player's quest to defeat the evil force preying on her town.

Everyone is suspect, even a new friend who harbors a dark and chilling secret. The player navigates through town and interacts with motion-picture-video characters to collect the information and objects needed to solve the shocking mystery and save the community.

"This game is character- and conversation-driven, reflecting the interest players have in people as part of computer games, boosting the gameplay beyond a puzzle-solving scavenger hunt," said Sheri Graner Ray, Her Interactive's Director of Product Development. "Conversations in The Vampire Diaries have phenomenal depth and branching, differing with every choice and action the player has taken."

The Vampire Diaries will be native to the Windows(R) 95 environment, Her Interactive's first title to be so programmed. Microsoft's(R) Game Software Development Kit(TM) was utilized to deliver leading-edge multimedia gameplay crafted with a social interactive element that appeals to girls. DirectX(TM), one of the feature tools of the Microsoft Game SDK, allows for fast and smooth video playback which adds realism to the characters and enhances the player's immersion in the richly-rendered 3-D world of Fell's Church.

In addition to 360 freedom of movement within settings, players can look up and down within scenes as well. Three-dimensional sound, music and effects give players directional cues and set the mood. An internal game-time clock causes scenes to go from day to night settings, important because certain actions can only be accomplished during the day or at night. Players also have the option to "step back" to critical junctions in the story if they get into a game-ending scenario before reaching the final climactic scene.

The Vampire Diaries CD-ROM for Windows 95 will retail for approximately $39.95. The game will be carried by major retailers and can be ordered directly from Her Interactive by calling 505-880-1718.

The CD-ROM game is based on the HarperPaperbacks books by L.J. Smith. Rights for this interactive multimedia game were licensed from the book producer Daniel Weiss Associates, Inc.

The Vampire Diaries is the second CD-ROM game from Her Interactive. The company shook up the software industry when it introduced McKenzie & Co.(TM) in November, 1995. The five-CD interactive social adventure about life in high school, designed for girls ages 10 and up, incorporated live-action video, segments for shopping and makeup experimentation, and mini-games.

Her Interactive operates Her-Online, a web site with content geared to pre-teen and teenage girls. The Web address is www.her-online.com. Further information and screen shots regarding The Vampire Diaries can be found on the Web at www.algames.com/vampire/vd.htm.

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