I-Magic Recalls First Shipment of Destiny

October 5, 1996

New Games to Hit Retail Shelves Next Wednesday

(Research Triangle Park) - Interactive Magic has decided to recall their first 5,000 North American copies of Destiny„. A new version of the much anticipated strategy game will hit retail stores across North America next Wednesday. I-Magic's European offices will begin distributing Destiny later this month.

Earlier this week, it was learned that the first 5,000 copies of Destiny would not run properly on some computers. Copies of the game had already been shipped to CompUSA and Media Play stores. Additional shipments were halted and I-Magic Chairman "Wild Bill" Stealey issued a recall of the first 5,000 games. "As an avid gamer, nothing bothers me more than spending close to $50 on a product that does not play properly," said Stealey. "The decision to recall the games was very easy."

"Destiny is a great title and strategy gamers have anticipated its release for some time," added Stealey. "We are very committed to Destiny and plan to release an online version early next year." (A patch has already been placed on the I-Magic website that will fix the first release version).

Hailed as "Civilization on Steroids" by PC Multimedia and Entertainment Magazine, Destiny is an extremely detailed strategy game that allows players to multi-task as they build their civilization from the ground up. Unlike previous "god" games where players were only able to "build" and "invent" one item at a time, Destiny allows players to devote resources to multiple activities in a realtime environment.

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