Destiny has Mastered!

October 3, 1996

**DESTINY has mastered
**Apache DOS Update
**Apache Win95 & Mac Update

After many hours of hard work, DESTINY has finally mastered. This in-depth game gives you the chance to play 'god' and rule the world as you wish. There are two ways of winning this game. If you're the Einstein type, win by discovering the most, but if you're the Genghis Khan type, go out and destroy the rest of your opponents. Choose your country, the number of enemies and what country they come from, the terrain you want to play on, etc. So many choices, so many possiblities. New at playing god? That's ok! There are beaucoup hints and tips on our website, an on line encyclopedia designed just for the game, and a walk through in the manual.

To all APACHE DOS players who want to play head-to-head against HIND, you will need a patch. Where can you get this patch, you ask? Well, you can download this patch from our website under the technical support section. ( This past week we've also mastered Apache for Win95 and Apache for Mac. Tell your friends and co-workers about this, and let the high flying,fast action sim begin.

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