Axxis Corporation announces three non-violent shareware games.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (October 2, 1996) -- AXXISTM Corporation today announced the availability of G-Stones III, G-Quest, and Connectris, shareware games developed by W. David Rinehart. Demo versions of these games can be downloaded at The games can also be registered online at the same site.

"My games are designed to entertain all ages," said David Rinehart, game developer. "The games are intentionally free of explosions and violence. I want my games to encourage the thinking process and provide challenging entertainment."

G-Stones III is a Breakout-style game with colorful 3-D graphics. G- Quest is a sokoban-style shareware game of logic and exploration. Connectris is a Tetris-style game of strategy and dexterity.

The registered versions of the games, priced at $19.95 each, contain more levels than the demo versions. Users can register the games online at Registered versions are mailed to the customer.

The objective of G-Stones III is to hit a ball into 3D gems at the top of the screen. After clearing all the gems, players advance to the next level. The shareware version has 10 levels. The registered version has 100.

The objective of G-Quest is to advance from level to level by collecting gemstones and pushing packages into disposal units. Players must solve a variety of puzzles along the way. The shareware version has 7 levels, while the registered version has 50. In Connectris, falling tiles contain differently shaped pieces of pipe. Players must connect the pipes to complete a level. The shareware version has 7 levels. The registered version has 50.

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