NetPlay Game Club

September 30, 1996

NetPlay Game Club ( is a new highly entertaining internet-based gaming service featuring fast, multi-player interactive games for kids, adults and whole families. Membership is free as an Early Bird and members become "automagically" eligible for several great prizes as well! The games are fun, enduring and quick-playing with a live "angel" always available for player help.

The NetPlay Co. has also recently developed a proprietary advertisement creation tool which produces animated advetisements in standard web pages, eliminating the need for Java programming. The "AdCast" delivery system is a technological breakthrough, allowing advertisers to deliver sound enhanced animated advertisements to demographically targeted audiences without "wasted impresssions." It also provides targeted delivery of coupons and/or direct response offers via email.

NetPlay was founded in 1992 by Leland J. Ancier, Inc. Magazine's 1992 Entrepreneur of the year. NetPlay projections show that by the year 2000, when the internet is in full bloom, its game club will reach over 1.6 million members.

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