Hind has Mastered!

September 19, 1996

Hind After many rigorous hours at work, Hind has finally mastered. Hind is the follow up to the award winning Apache flight simulator. This Russian simulator of the Mi-24 helicopter game is on the breaking edge of technology. We have integrated the first three-dimensional people in a flight simulator game. You can find these soldiers throughout the missions, campaigns, and also in the quick start mode. Another great feature is the head to head action you can experience when playing Hind vs Apache in the Korean theater. This will enable you and a friend to battle one on one, so expect to see our game on shelves in the next two weeks!!!!

Apache Mac
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Apache is a highly played combat helicopter simulator for the PC. To meet the people's demands, we made it into Mac form. Apache Mac has finally mastered. Now Mac users can enjoy the high flying, fast shooting excitement that PC users enjoy. Expect to see this in stores soon!!!!

Capitalism for Mac
Interactive Magic created Cap for Mac so users can delve into the strategy of the business world and create their own monopoly. Expect to see this in stores in the near future!!!!

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