Flesh Zagreb, Croatia, September 7, 1996 -- CroTeam, leading game developer from Croatia, announces 'Flesh' - true 3D multiplayer shoting game for PC CD-ROM. Flesh is placed in your worst nightmares where anything can happen with mission to destroy anything and anyone that stands in your way. The game offers a new step in true 3D engine technology. Game engine is optimised for 486 machines and especially for Pentiums, so it allows Flesh to run reasonably well on 486/66 and to fly on any Pentium machine in full screen SVGA with all the special effects, which is beyond other competitors in this genre.

Flesh features:

Finished game will include level editor which runs on 486 or better machines and offers real-time editing in 3D while inside the game. There will be also a model editor, so you'll be able to add/change monsters and put in the game. Both editors will support for 3DStudio (.3ds) and Lightwave (.lwo) file formats.

The Publisher is yet to be announced. The game will be available for the PC CD-ROM in February 1997.

CroTeam, leading game developer from Zagreb, Croatia, and formed in 1992, developes sports and action games for PC CD-ROM. Of seven developed games for different game platforms, leading CroTeam titles include 'Football Glory' and '5-A-Side Soccer' for Amiga computers and 'Football Glory' for PC & CD-ROM. Since 1994, CroTeam works exclusively for the PC CD-ROM.

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