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Thunderstrike 2
Level Codes

o = the letter o
0 = the number 0

South America Level 1 - oNHV0V6VEBDU55Q
Level 2 - 2NH70V9VEFDQ592
Level 3 - 7RH30V7AEFD64BI
Level 4 - 8NH30V8EEJD24PI
Gulf 2 - Oil Dispute Level 1 - VNHR0V0E6JDE53I
Level 2 - 0RHV0Uo66NDA53A
Level 3 - IFHD0UoU6RDM5P2
Stealth Level 1 - o7HP0UoQAUDE45A
Central America Level 1 - FJHL0UGII2CE4KI
Level 2 - G7HH0U72I2CA5R2
Level 3 - 2BHP0URQI6CM58A
South China Sea Level 1 - KRG50URQ26GE4J2
Level 2 - 0RGL0UTI3AGA5UI
Level 3 - FRG9S1CM3EGM52I
Panama Level 1 - 93G5SD9UNGGE4oA
Eastern Europe Level 1 - L3GG4406VoEE5R1
Level 2 - F7GK5S2QV0EA41A
Level 3 - 27GK50UMV4EM58Q
Gulf 1 - Canyon Level 1 - 7FGK48T6R8ME4NI
Level 2 - 8JGK48VUR8MA5JQ
Endgame End - T7GK28U2SCMM4oI

Time Commando
Better health bar at beginning of game Load the game as usual and go to the first level. Die or Start again. Now select the code that is given to you. (what's showing on screen). That will give you a Ninja Battle even if you lose the next time you play. You will be in prehistory, but you'll have a better life bar.

Alan Robb

Toshinden 2
Play as Uranus and Master Go to the Main Menu. On Controller 1 while the options scroll in, press R1, R2, X, L1, R2, O. You should hear a sound and the option button should be blue.
Play as Sho and Vermilion First, do the trick to "Play as Uranus and Master". Then go to the Main Menu. On Controller 2 while the options scroll in, press O, R2, L1, X, L2, R1. You should hear another sound and the option button should be red.
Get ride of Life and Over Drive bars While playing press and hold all four Attack buttons and hit Select. This should erase the continue, options, and reset screen. Then, press Select again for the "Life and Overdrive" bars to disappear. To bring them all back press and hold all four Attack Buttons and hit Select.
- Thanks to George Duncan

Total Eclipse
Level Codes Planet #2
Planet #3
X, O, T, S, X, X, X, S
T, T, O, X, T, T, X, S
To Get 10 Continues, Planes, and Plasma Shots Start a game then pause it and click on "Options" at the screen with "Play Game" and "Other Options" Press T, S, O, S, T, S, L1, L1, R1. Now press the picture to the right and you should see a skull. Now press T, S, L1, L1, S, T. The game will restart and you will have ten continues, planes, and plasma shots.
Stage Select For a stage select go to the Options menu in total eclipse go down to Password and hold down Select and press T, L1, S, then release Select and press T, L1, S, T, L1, S. A Round Selection screen will appear and you can choose which round to go to.

Triple Play 97
Secret Characters First, you must go to the "Managers" screen. Then, you must select "Custom Player". Here, put in any one of these names
1.Bruce McMillian
2.Steve Rechstchattner
3.Bill McCormick
4.John Burk
5.Kevin Loh
6.Wendall Harlow
7.Louise Read
8.Dennis Hirsch
9.Erik Kiss
10.Jon Spencer
11.Chris Johnson
12.Eric Pauker
13.Kevin Pickell
14.Mark Gipson
15.Mike Swanson
16.Geoff Coates
17.Edwin Gomes
18.Tony Lee
19.David Demorest
20.Craig Hui
21.Mike Sokyrka
22.Frank Faugno
23.Gary Lam
24.Brent Neilsen
25.Josh Holmes
You must remember to spell it exact--with lower case letters and all! Instead of having a limited number of the player's skill to choose from, you get as much as you want! :) Oh yeah, the players are HUGE!

Thanks - Danny - dannyr@hula.net

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