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Shell Shock
Bring up the Test Menu Load up the game until it gets to the Shell Shock screen with (C) Core Design on it... Then press Up, Down, Right, Down, Down, Right, Right, and T. You can now play with MAX power, play any level, view ALL of the FMV, or see the credits!

Street Fighter Alpha
Play as M.Bison Go to the random box and hold L2. Then press Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down. Finally, press S and T or O and X for the other color.
Fight Against Akuma When selecting your fighter, highlight him and press and hold down L2, R2, and Start. Wait until the fight starts and release the buttons. He will then jump on, defeat your enemy and then turn on you.

- Thanks to Jonathan Craven

Play as Akuma At the character select screen highlight the random select box [?]. Hold L2 then press Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down then Light Punch and Hard Punch--whichever buttons you have set as light punch and hard punch. This works on the first player side. On the 2nd player side simply change the lefts to rights and do the same code.

- Thanks to squong (squong@mci.newscorp.com)

Play as Dan Press and hold L2. Now Go to the random box and press T, S, X, O, T or you can do it in reverse motion for the other color.
Move down to the random-selct box, in character menu. Hold down L2, and press T, S, X, O, and T to play as pink Dan. Hold down L2, and press T, O, X, S, and T to play as green Dan.

- Thanks to Chris Yang (yangh@castle.beaver.edu)

Fight against Dan After winning a match, Hold Up + L2 + R2 until the winning words come up then release. Repeat for five matches and on your sixth will be Dan.
Ryu & Ken vs. Bison Beat the game as Ryu or Ken on 6 stars or higher without changing characters. Save it! Now it's there forever! Then wait until the Street Fighter Alpha menu, then press Start. Now you will see Arcade Mode, VS. Mode and Team Mode. Select Team Mode and you and friend can fight against Bison.

- Thanks to Pete Lambie and Steven Dinh (stevend@address.com)

Playing Tip To get Akuma to do his Bison killer allow your super meter to get maxed out on level 3. Then simply press Jab-Jab-Forward-Short-Fierce Akuma will move towards his apponent and you get a 15 hit combo.

- Thanks to Scott N.

Street Fighter Real Battle On Film
Accessing Gouki (Akuma) At the character select screen, quickly press Up, R1, Down, L2, Right, L1, Left, R2. (Within 2 secs.)

Street Fighter Zero
Ryu & Ken vs. Bison Unconfirmed, but To gain the Ken and Ryu vs. Bison option, you must finish the game without losing a round on the hardest difficulty. I was told to set the timer to 25 seconds and change it to one round matches to make it eaiser.

- Thanks to Shogun (stephena@inforamp.net)

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