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Raiden Project
Hidden Menu Choose either Raiden I or Raiden II. During the game, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the same time.
FreePlay Go to the option screen where you can set your credit number, press T + O + S + X at the same time and you will get FREEPLAY.

- Thanks to Siu-kwong Yau

Full CreditsThis only works on the Japanese version
I found out that every times I hit the Select button after I had died (at the count down) it would always keep me with full credits for continues.

- Thanks to Kumpol Trivisvavet

10 Continues Up, Down, Right, Left. Do this code fast and repeatedly, it sometimes doesn't work the first time. Will only work when you have one or two continues left.
Passwords Play the Final Boss with 99 lives.942KV3W9XD
Finish the Music LevelJ5VLFP58VB
Finish the Mountain LevelJ5K!ZZC8MD
Finish the Cave LevelSM!KV7WSXD
Access to Space MamaT64H5M!?BB
Access to Skops?2MC9J!GTB
Image Level completedSX2!ZP58MD
Everything except last levelSD3BKFOOMN
Unlimited Continues At the continue screen press U,D,R,L to get 10 continues.
Television window Pause the game and then hold . While holding R2 press O, O, Left, O, O. To return things back to normal, enter the code again.
Bonus Intro Sequence When the game loads and the Playstation logo appears, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, X and Start. Continue holding until the cut scene starts and keep the buttons depressed for the intirety of the sequence.

- Thanks to PSM

99 Lives Press and hold down L2, R1, L1, R2. Keep the buttons depressed, then release the following in turn: L1, L2, R2, R1. Then press T and release immediatly. Next press and hold down Right, O, S, X, then release the following in turn: Right, X, S, O. If you have followed these steps carefully your life indicator in the top left of the screen should now show 99. If not, Try again! This cheat can be repated numerous times during the course of your game.

- Thanks to PSM

Resident Evil
Walkthroughs Resident Evil Walkthrough by Tu T. Dang
God Mode At the title screen when the blood squirts at you, press L1, L2, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, (Down, Up)? , L1, L2, L1 + L2. It has to be done really fast. You will get all guns and all keys. It will work if it's done correctly.

- Thanks to The Ice Man

Editors Note: This code is unconfirmed. Please e-mail us if it works for you.

Playing Tips When going after the Hunters (if you don't find them, they'll find you), they tend to attack in a clock-wise pattern. You can usually get off two shots from the Baretta and then turn with them. Six hits is usually enough, don't waste shotgun shells on them.

A single shotgun blast pointed to the head will cure all your zombie woes (and use only one shell).

Combining herbs makes them easier to carry.

When attacking plant 42, I've found it more effective to move to the right hand side (opposite the fireplace) to attack. Shotgun works well, bring extra herbs.

When attacking the snake, repeated shotgun blasts to the head seems to work well.

Remember, after every encounter when you've finished shooting something, always reload.

Ridge Racer
Play the Additional 8 cars Shoot down all the Galaxians at the loading screen.
Title screen magic At the title screen, hold either L1 + R1 or L2 + R2 (doesn't matter which one). Now playing with the buttons and the control pad will modify the logo.
Menu magic When selecting a car or track, playing with the L1 and R1 buttons will rotate the objects at various speeds, even to the point of stopping. Now you can check out the nice car decals!
Save Options You can save onto a memory card by going to the "fastest laps" screen from the menu. Choosing "Save" will not only save your scores, but the additional 8 cars, the Galaxian 13, and the extra tracks.

Note: To save all these options in the same file be sure to load the previous file before adding options. If you save a file with the 8 extra cars, for example, and get the Galaxian 13 without having loaded the file with the 8 cars first, you will now have one file with the extra 8 cars and another with the Galaxian 13.

Get extra tracks Place first in all four tracks and you will have access to an additional 4 more.
Play mirrored tracks At the start of the game, drive a short distance and turn around. Drive straight through the wall (be sure you've got some speed) and you will be on the mirror track. With 8 normal tracks, the mirrored versions make for 16 tracks altogether.
Play the Galaxian 13 (Black Lamborghini) Place first in the first four tracks. Play the T.T. track again, and you will race against two other cars, one being the Galaxian 13. Finish in first place and the Galaxian 13 will be yours to drive.

Note: You may let the Galaxian 13 pass you in the first lap. It will stop on the side and wait for you to enter the second lap. On laps two and three, however, *do not* let it pass you.

Tip: Learn to drive the track without hitting anything. It can be done. Don't worry about swerving and blocking the Galaxian 13. Drive perfect and you will win. The #6 Galaga RT Carrot is a good car to use.

- Thanks to RedSky@aloha.net
Play with the Start Flag At the Title Screen press and hold L1 and R1 and with the Start button you can make the flag transparent. Or you can let it turn and rotate with the direction and action buttons.

-Thanks to gU

Ridge Racer Revolution
Extra cars Beat Galaga '88 by getting a Perfect score of 40. Go to the Select car screen and you can pick your cars.
Secret cars Place first in each track--novice, advanced, and expert--then go back and race each track in Time Trial mode. After beating a track you will have access to the special car for that track. The 3 cars are: Devil #13, Kid Car #13 and White Angel #0.
Secret Bonus Do not shoot any of the ships in the game Galaga '88. After all the ships have gone by, the game will display a small firework burst and say you have accessed the secret bonus. Go to the Other screen and you will now have access to set the game setting, from Normal, Morning, Evening and Night.

- Thanks to Big_Man (wiggins@csc111.us.dg.com)for the above 3 tips

Mirrored Tracks Ever wonder what it would be like if the left and right sides were reversed? When your leaving the strarting grid drive out to just before you join the main straight. Turn the car around until you see the 'solid' brick wall at the end of the roadway. Drive as fast as you can and smash into the wall. Now you have access to the mirrored tracks!

- Thanks to Ben Pry (us014366@interramp.com)

Spinning Challenge Mode Select Novice, Advanced or Expert "TIME TRIAL RACE". Start the game as you normally would except immediately after you press a button to start, press and hold the accelerate and brake buttons at the same time. The race will begin like normal. However when you reach the first Skid/Slide-able turn you will see the text spinning point scroll across the screen. After you pass that section a car will scroll across the screen with your spinning score. You receive a score based on your spinning and sliding technique.

- Thanks to Rex Racer (RAYSURX@MSN.COM)

Perfect Galaga Score & 4 Wheel Drive Hold Down, L1, R2, T and Select while the game is loading. Continue holding them for the entire Galaga game and you will get 100% in the game. When you start any race or TT you will have a very funny looking 4WD vechicle.

- Thanks to Rick Major (rmajor@s054.aone.net.au)

Spotlight Fun If you're bored, try holding down L1 + R1 at the main screen (the screen with the Game Start and Options commands). Now you can control the position and intensity of the spotlight!

- Thanks to Mark 'Gim' Johnson (mjohnson@csc.uvic.ca)

Listen to your own music CD's While selecting your driving music, pop open your playstation lid and quickly slip in your own music disk. Make the game to select music at random or you can select a music track that you want. Take in account that the game won't start playing music from the beginning of the music track.

NOTE: What ever you do don't put CD singles in because the game will lock up. Also don't change the track you're currently driving because the game will need the orignal disk inside. Changing courses will lock up the game.

- Thanks to Psy-D

Remove the Rearview Mirror While you're playing any course you can make the mirror disappear. Remove the mirror by pressing Start then T and L1. Restore the mirror by pressing Start then T and R1.

- Thanks to Wiwat Kukiattinant (u3711335@au.ac.th)

Playing Tips Try using the green, white and red car. It can make all the turns at tops speed.
Best car for race against Galaxian 13 (Black Lamborgini) is Galaga Carrot. Use Manual Transmission. Don't move you gear below 6 when racing. If you face a sharp 90 degree turn, keep press accelerate button, while pressing the brake button. You'll still have control of your car. If you can do this well you'll only need to block Galaxian 13 one time!

- Thanks to Espass (yungtw@melsa.net.id)

If you have any hints, tips, cheats, or FAQs that we don't have listed here, please e-mail them to us at Playstation Hints.
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