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Play the Hidden Game While the game is loading, press and hold Start and Select on controller 2, you can now play Phalanx.

Full Inventory Bring up the Map screen. Then press Left until the arrow is pointing at you. Press Start to return to the standard view. During the camera's auto-rotation, press L1, S, X, O at the same time. Press the T to verify that you have all of the weapons.
Invincibility Bring up the Weapon Select menu. Select the Frying Pan with L1 or R1. Go back to the game. Then go back once more into the Weapon Select menu. Press O and R1 to increment the selected weapon until you get the flashing 999 on your health counter. You can also turn it off by holding O and R1.
Ammo Refill Get in the Foot Mode. Do a back-flip by pressing S + L1. During the black-flip (before you land), press Right, X, O at the same time. Now all of you weapons should have a weapon count.
Health Refill Get in Foot Mode. Do a back-flip by pressing S + L2. During the back-flip (before you land), press Down, X, R2, at the same time. Viola!
See Final Sequence Select Load Game from the Main Menu. Press Right and hold it. While holding the Right direction button press O. Press T to cancel. Press S + Left at the same time then let go. Press T to cancel. Now the game will show the final Kitchen scene.
Stage Select At the Main Menu screen, simultaneously press: L1, L2, R1, R2, and Up. Then release them. Next, press O to start a new game. At the Difficulty screen, simultaneously press L1, L2, R1, R2, and Down. Pick a difficulty and the stage select screen appears.
Super Drill Once you get the drill press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Up, and O. You'll receive a super drill that has a drill shooter on it.

- Thanks to Duke (Danc@postoffice.ptd.net)

Power Instinct 2
Secret CharacterStart the game in Team Battle Mode and at the character screen, press Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Up

Primal Rage
Various Tricks At the Character Select Screen, press and hold O, T, or S while choosing your character with X. The buttons will give you three more color choices.
Two Player Tricks Bowling Both players must choose Armadon, but you can play on any stage. Now, each player must execute three Spinning Death moves at the same time. (Press Forward, Down-Forward, Down + S + O). If you do this correctly, you can play two frames of bowling. The pins are the worshippers. Move the control pad to control Armadon.
Volleyball On Sauron's Cove Stage, draw out a worshipper by doing a combo, then hit the worshipper into the air toward your opponent. Volley them back and forth about eight times and you'll see a net and a referee appear for the game.
Falling Cows In a two-player game, you must be on the Ruin's Stage and one player must be Chaos. When the timer is just about to run out have Chaos perform a Fart of Fury (Hold T + O and then press Down, Forward, Up, Back). If the green cloud is in the air when the timer reaches zero, cows will fall instead of fireballs when the match goes into sudden death.

Psychic Force
Play as Keith (the boss) Hold light punch, heavy punch, guard button, and start together until the character selection screen appears.

- Thanks to Johnny

Puzzle Bobble 2
Hidden LevelsGo to the Selection screen where you'll see "Game Start", "time attack", and so on. Enter R1, Up, L2, Down. The single player "Story Mode" should now have the words "Another World" below it and containing modified versions of the original levels.

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