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Namco Museum Vol.1
Stop the Computer from shooting in Galaga For GALAGA on the Namco "Museum vol 1". Disable the computer ships from firing at you by following these intstructions. On stage one let all the enemy ships enter. Do not shoot until they have all come out. Now shoot every ship except the first two bees (yellow / blue) on the left side. After you have isolated the bees let them fly around for the next 10-15 minutes. Don't shoot one shot during this time! Instead dodge them. After the 10-15 minutes both bees should stop shooting altogether. To make sure let them pass by at least 2-3 times after you notice this. Now go ahead and kill them. For the rest of the game all the enemies will not shoot. This is an old cheat from over 10 years ago and is still intact in this ported version.

Nba In The Zone
Spin Move If you press T you will put a spin move on your oppenent. Now press and hold S down to shoot a spectacular shot.
Double Pump When you are in the air for a dunk press the action button and he will do an amazing double pump that cannot be blocked.
HandShake The opponent can't block the ball. Press S to do a jumping dunk. When the player is in the air tap the T button 2 times.
Alley-Oops Press T and S at the same time. The person catching the alley-oop must be in the paint, or a normal lob pass will be thrown. Pressing S button quickly may help.
Playing Tips The best two teams in the game are the Sonics and the Rockets. Vinny hits virtually everything and Rodman has very sticky fingers. Play with them and you'll see why.

To jump higher press the Turbo and Jump buttons at the same time.

NBA Jam T.E.
Various Codes To access an extended roster for one of the teams, hold Select and rotate the thumb-pad counter-clockwise a couple of times while the team you want is highlighted during the select teams screen.

- Jim Silkworth and others

Enter the following codes while in the Today's Match-up screen.
Shot percentageUp, Up, Down, Down, T
Quick HandsLeft, Left, Left, Left, O, Right
Max PowerRight, Right, Left, Right, X, X, Right
Power-Up GoaltendingRight, Up, Down, Right, Down, Up
Power-Up FireDown, Right, Right, O, T, Left
Power-Up TurboO, O, O, S, Down, Down, Up, Up
Power-Up OffenseS, O, Up, S, O, Up, Down
Power-Up 3 ptr'sUp, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down, Up
Full Court JamsLeft, Right, X, O, O, X
Full Court PushDown, Down, X, O, X, Right, Right
Push 1 and Both FallUp, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, O, O
Push 1 & Teammate FallsUp, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, O, T
Tele-PassUp, Right, Right, Left, O, Down, Left, Left, O, S
High-ShotsUp, Down, Up, Down, Right, Up, O, O, O, O, Down
Speed UpUp, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, X, T
Baby ModeO + S (x3)
Huge ModeT + X (x7)
Big HeadsT, S, X, O, T, S, X, O
Mammoth HeadsO + X + S + T (x5)
Name Codes While holding the L1 and R1 buttons, enter these initials.
Last Game of the Season
Win the Season
END January 1
FIN January 1
Acclaim Team Codes Magic Hair
Chow Chow
STH December 8
DAN January 2
LIZ August 7
GUN January 11
SAW April 10
WAN June 10
CHD May 5
GOW July 17
THI November 1
KUB April 14
DEL October 19
AIR January 21
Iguana Team Codes Kirby
J Moon
J Falcus
D Falcus
Mad Mike
CHR December 18
JAY August 24
JAS November 16
SNK June 15
ZIG April 7
CAT January 2
BAR April 9
DAZ August 6
HOG December 31
SAT May 7
JAX March 1
MUS December 24
BAA July 12
TOM February 19
ROB February 23
Williams Team Codes Turmell
TUR January 31
GOS January 6
REV July 6
CAL March 25
DIV July 3
LIP January 14
NBA Personalities Larry Bird
Carol Blazejowski
Charlotte Hornet
Chicago Bull
Minnesota Timberwolf
Phoenix Gorilla
LAR January 15
BLZ January 14
HOR June 12
BEN September 20
WOL March 7
APE April 2
Sonic Youth Thurston Moore
Kim Gordon
Lee Renaldo
Steve Shelley
MOE June 8
GOR July 3
REN February 4
SHY June 8
Beastie Boys Adrock
MC Adam Yauch
Mike D
ADR April 6
MCA April 9
M_D July 1
Heads of State and Other Celebrities Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Prince Charles
Heavy D
Jazzy Jeff
Fresh Prince
Frank Thomas
BIL June 3
HIL November 6
CHA May 4
HEA January 9
JAZ October 9
FRS February 2
FNK January 8

NBA Shoot Out
Play the Hidden Games This allows you to play either the 94/95 Phoenix or 95/96 San Antonio All Star Game. It has the All Star Weekend court, and the team names are Western/Eastern but the players still seem to be the ones from the team you picked at the selection screen.

At the Exhibition Game screen press either R1, L1, R1, L1, R2, L2, R2, L2 Phoenix (94/95) or R1, R1, R2, R2, L1, L2, L1, L2 San Antonio (95/96). An All Star menu option appears allowing you to select it On or Off.

Martyn Iles (kryten@cccp.net)

The Need For Speed
Passwords Track 1 - WRDRTY
Track 2 - ZDPBWN
Track 3 - MTQRZP
Track 4 - JVPZLL
Track 5 - ZYMNLH
Track 6 - WMRPGZ
Track 7 - YXGSJJ
Track 8 - KJPQND
Track 9 - SDQWCG
Track 10 - SLZXDH
Track 11 - SPZDFX
Track 12 - ZVGRGX
Track 13 - XJHVCK

Machine Gun Code: Immediately after selecting your opponents car, Push and hold L1, O, S, and Upper Left on the control pad (approximately 10 o'clock area) until loading is complete. Now instead of having a horn, you have an invisible machine gun which clears the way of any cars and makes you practically unbeatable. This code can be used with 1 or 2 players.

- Thanks to Ric Ferreira <ric@direct.ca>

Add Weight To a Car First enter TSYBNS at the Password screen.
At the car selection screen, select "Car Showcase" and "Mechanical". From here, select "Next Slide". You can now add extra weight to the front of the car you are viewing by pressing L1 and add weight to the back of the car by pressing R1. The weight is marked by the number of red triangles at that end of the car. I'm not really sure what the actual result of this code is. E-mail me if you know.

- Thanks to David Grund Jr. E-mail: <dgrundjr@radiks.net>

Race on Lunar Springs Go to 1-player Tournament mode and enter the password, SPKSHC. Now press S to exit tournament mode. Then go to 1 or 2 player mode. On "Rusty Springs" hold T + L1 + R1 and you'll get Lunar Springs. - Thanks to Jason Clark jrclark@garfield.ncat.edu
Various Codes Faster Speed Recovery L1 + R1 to get up faster after a crash.
Remove the Speed Gauges L1 + down or R1 + down get rid of gauges.
- Thanks to boch (bbochy19@mail.idt.net) for the above two tips.
Play the Hidden Las Vegas TrackIn tournament mode, go into password and type: TSYBNS -this will get you the bonus track.
If you want to race the secret car, after you type that password (TSYBNS)?? get out of tournament mode. Then when you select a car press and hold L1 + R1. Secret Car!! I'm still not sure this one works. I'm at work so I can't try it :(

Want to play Sega Rally? Well, now you can play NFS in Rally Mode!! Go to any track select except Rusty Springs and press and hold L1 + R1. Power Slide City!! Note: if you do this on Rusty Springs you get OASIS...

Want some faster additions to the regular cars. At any car select (without that top code) just press and hold L1 + R1 and you get Warrior Car. Sorry, you can't set any records with these. I've heard that these are a little too fast!!

Finally, you can play arcade mode when you go to lap choice. You guessed it...press and hold L1 + R1 and it will say ARCADE. Not sure what the significance of this is.

Have fun, Steve Vozza

NFL Gameday
Various Codes Enter these codes by going into Options, press Select, and press Select again. All letters must be CAPS and between words, where indicated, there must be a dot.
BIG.BOYSBacks are huge and powerful
DEFENSEDefences are awesome...
JUICEGives you a 10 yard boost when you hit the burst of speed button.
MAYHEMReverses injuries. Instead of the receiver being injured on a big hit, the defender that did the hitting will be the one injured.
OFFENSEOffenses are awesome...
PICK.CITYInterceptions anyone???
SKELETONPlay as 2 new teams, ala Mutant league Football
STICKUMSpeaks for itself
URNOTREDEIn 1 player game, ultra difficulty
- Thanks to Shocker (and others who helped)
Playing Tips To punch the other team member hold triangle and circle after a touch down.

To turn into a purple rabbit hold triangle for 10 seconds after you get a safety!

A good strategy for stopping the computer's passing game is just before the receiver catches the ball, tackle him! This will pop the ball loose and give you an opportunity to grab the ball while it's coming down.

Here is a tip to stop the opposing offense. Take one of your defensive linemen and drop him back into coverage on the right side of the QB. The computer almost always throws to the right and it is easy to intercept a pass or at least to pop it out of the receiver.

My tip is on the "Go Route" play. When you use this on an important down the computer has a tendency to pass to the running back when the plays receiver is open or is developing. When you use this play be your own QB and let the receiver run his route! On kickoffs, to get maximum yardage, run to one side of the field. Then, at the last possible moment take off to the other side of the field and follow your blocks! You're Welcome!

An excellent way to stop to computers passing game is to lineup on the receiver you are closest to. Then when the ball is snapped give the receiver a forearm. That will confuse the QB, and normally he throws the ball in your direction.

Here's one more great play to yield twenty yards or so, TRE-OUTS under Three-Wide. Throw to receiver with square or circle instead of primary receiver. You'll almost always beat the corners. Once every so often the safety will read the play and come over to make the hit and you might cough it up after the catch. But the percentages are most definitely in your favor. This is an especially good play for those just getting the hang of the passing game. In fact if you explore routes that involve receivers breaking for the sideline you'll dramatically improve your passing stats.

A way to get a good pass rush is to choose a d-lineman that is to the left inside of the center. Touch the d-pad left and right about three times till you are lined up in the gap. This inches your guy up till he is closest to the ball. Tap R1 at the snap of the ball and push down. It lets you do a quick swim and improves your pass rush and gets you in the backfield for a tackle for loss. This is not a 100% thing but it does help your rush a lot and also frees up other rushers.

When you are at the 1-yard line, choose I-form, sweep st, then flip the play (X button) to run to the left side. Run a few steps to the left and then dive straight into the end-zone, not at a slant. This will pad your stats because it should say 99 yard run by whomever the running back is.

Night Striker
Secret Options You must enter this code before using the codes below. At the title screen, quickly press Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Down, Right.
Press T + Select to increase scrolling speed (2x).
Press S + Select to remove the select menu.
Press X + Select to score Attack Mode

If you have any hints, tips, cheats, or FAQs that we don't have listed here, please e-mail them to us at Playstation Hints.
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