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Johnny Bazookatone
Level Passwords Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Various Codes Invulnerability
Level Select

Jumping Flash
Level Access At the title screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, X, X, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, T, X, T. Now the screen will turn red. Press Start and use Left and Right to select which level to start in.
Play with the Clouds At the intro screen, hold R and L buttons and press Up or Down to make the clouds move faster or slower.
Real Ending Conquer the game once. You will get extra stages where the time limit has been shortened. If you beat these, you will see the real ending.

- Thanks to Arlo Peck (arlop@uvaix.uvic.ca)

DOOM Level Bonuses If you see a wall with Baron Aloha on it, shoot it repeatedly until it opens up. There will be a secret room behind containing power-ups, extra lives and so on.

Super Level Complete the first set of worlds without continuing and you can access Super on the menu. This allows you to run (hold down L1 or L2) and jump up to six times in a row. Also press T to fall down fast though it will cause massive damage.

- Thanks to Arlo Peck (arlop@uvaix.uvic.ca)

Collect Jet Pods in the order so that they spell EXIT. This will take you to the super level.

In the Doomish levels, shoot the walls with a picture on them to get to hidden rooms.

Playing Tip In gladiatorial stage where you get to take on the black evil Robbit, take out all the little rabbsies first. Then stand under the shelter where you start and wait for the black robbit to continually jump on the landing. Then carefully manouver yourself to the corner of one side so that you can look up and just clip robbit's big feet with your shots.

- Thanks to Game Cellar (gamec@mpx.com.au)

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