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Various Codes First pause the game. Then press and hold the R1 button and enter one of the following codes. The game will unpause if the code is entered correctly.
Infinite LivesUp, O, T, Down, Right, S, Down
Fire BallsX, Up, Right, Up, Right, Right
Ice BallsO, O, Left, Down, O, Up, Right
ElectricityRight, Left, Right, O, T, Right, O, Down, Right
Instant SpeedDown, Pause, Right, Right, Down , Up, Pause
Super JumpX, O, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right
InvincibilityX, S, Down, Down, Up, Down, Right
-Thanks to Michael M. Burch tree@mail.one.net
Passwords If you want to play the bosses of each level, you have to begin play with a password which will put you before them in the game. If you don't care about that, you can access any of the earlier levels by beginning with the Rezopolis password.
-Thanks to john
Complete Ending The code for all levels complete, including planet XPZYPRXYL
Only thing left to do is kill Rez and make some popcorn to eat while you watch the ending.

- Thanks to Dreamer

Goal Storm
Go Konami! At the Title Screen, where it say's "Press Start", enter the following code on either controller: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, S, O. This code will give the your team new uniforms with the KONAMI logo on them, and the Easter Island heads just like the ones in Gradius and Parodius.

- Thanks to Yamato

Gunners Heaven
Stage Select These tricks all require that you to watch the opening demo entirely. When the Title Screen comes up with the message "Push Start", press and _hold_ L1, L2, R1 & R2 buttons on Controller 1. Continue holding them and press Select.

The "Push Start" message will change to "Secret Code" with two letters behind it. The letter on the left can be changed by pressing Up or Down. The letter on the right can be changed by using the T and X buttons.

Stage 2ma
Stage 3ut
Stage 4rh
Stage 5mk
Stage 6ht
Special Codes Make character small. (does not alter hit check size)cm
Make character huge. (does not alter hit check size)qb
Put up smaller windows on the screen by pressing any button on controller 2's face.mv
Start with nine bombs.yi
Axel/Ruka turn into one-hit wonders.ty
Weapon Power-Up time starts with 999 seconds.ss
Debug Mode Set Secret Code to ma, Press Select then change code to sv and press Start. The following commands must be entered using Controller 2.
Boosts weapon power to Max (10-second duration)Up
Voice mode On/OffDown
Gunlock type changeLeft
Skips Area (disengages invincibility)Right
Invincibility On/Off (falling will cause damage)Triangle
Increases number of bombsCircle
Switches selected weapon type from Axel <> Ruka.Square
Increases weapon power up time in 30-second increments.X
-Thanks to Whiz/Psx-Phen who tested all these codes.

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