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Fade to Black
FAQ / Walkthrough FAQ 1.00 & Walkthru by Klaus Timmermann and Bonehead
Hints Press all 8 buttons on sony controller twice when the huge alien ship appears on the intro.

Editors Note: No information was provided as to what this does. Any information would be extremely helpful.

Level passwords The following passwords have all been tested on the PAL version of Fade To Black and they all work. The passwords should also work on the NTSC version.
1 The PrisonSOTXOS
2 Morph BaseTOXOSX
3 Mars Mining FacilityXOXOTX
4 Venus Space StationXSTOOT
5 The PyramidSSTXXT
6 Landing PadTXXXXO
7 Underground (flying)OOTXTX
8 Morph MothershipSSXTSS
9 Earth Base: Command RoomTXXTOT
10 Earth Base: DormitoryXTSOTX
11 Reactor RoomOSXXSX
12 The Master BrainSTXSOX
13 Final Level (flying) (If you fail to save Sarah)XXOTOT
- Thanks to Klaus Timmermann for the passwords & the FAQ

Various Codes Start a game and then pause it. (Use the Start button.) Select Options, and enter one of the codes below. You will hear a "click." Exit the Options menu and go back to the menu with Resume Game as a choice.

Press S. You will get a Secret Options Menu. Greyed-out choices require another code. Use Left/Right on control pad to change settings.

Invisible Walls - No more out of boundsX, X, X, T, S, S, S, T
Curve BallT, S, X, T, X, X
Super PowerT, S, T, T, T, T, T, T, T, T
Super GoalieS, S, S, S, S, T, T, T, T, T
Super OffenseS, S, S, S, S, T, X
Super DefenseT, T, T, T, T, X, T
Shootout - Go straight to shootoutS, T, S, X, S, T
Stupid TeamS, T, X, S, T, X
More Codes After entering the codes below (using the same method used above), go back to the Main Menu (you must quit your game) and select Options to see new choices found at the bottom.
Formal - Tuxedoes as uniformsS, T, X, S, T, T, X, T
Federation - Data and SpockS, T, X, S, T, T, X, X
Dynamic Duo - Batman and RobinS, T, X, S, T, T, T, S
Default Color PalleteS, T, X, S, T, T, T, X
Invisible - Just hair, shorts, shoes, and numbersS, T, X, S, T, T, X, S
OktoberfestS, T, X, S, T, T, T, T
Dream TeamS, S, T, T, X, X, S, S
EA Custom TeamsS, T, X, S, T, T, S, S
- Thanks to Jeffrey Richardson and JWS

Final Fantasy
Unlimited Money Cheat To get unlimited money, go to the first town, Mancharia, and go in to the top right corner house. Press the X button (which allows you to get things) when in front of the clock. This will give you the bank card. Use the bank card until the sellers tell you that you have no more money to spend. Now go back to where you found the card and hit X again. You'll get a bank card that says you have $0.00. With this card you have unlimited purchases. This trick is very valuable to keep up with all the new weopons and armor in the different towns. Make sure it doest get stolen by the Flying Dragons or you will then have to collect money from battles in order to use it. Hope this helps everyone!

If you have any hints, tips, cheats, or FAQs that we don't have listed here, please e-mail them to us at Playstation Hints.
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