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Defcon 5
Hidden game Go to VOS and choose defense communicationlocal communication, and then hit the T button.

Various Codes Enter these codes while in the game. Don't pause or anything.
All KeysS, X, O, T, X, T, T, X, T, X, T, X
TurboS, T, O, S, O, X, S, X, O, TRI, SQ, X
All Level Access

Exit the game after entering this code to get to all the levels.

T, S, S, T, O, O, S, S, T, O, S, S
Mega Zowie WowieT, S, O, X, T, S, X, T, S, X, O, S
InvincibleS, T, O, S, S, T, O, O, S, T, S, X
Lots O' Stuff!T, X, S, S, T, O, O, S, T, S, O, X

Destruction Derby
Ruined Monestary Track Start Wreckin' Race / Championship and enter the following in the Name screen: REFLECT!. (Don't forget the exclamation point.) When the Main Menu returns, change the race to Wreckin' Race / Practice. Now go to the Course Select screen and scroll left or right and you will see "Ruined Monestary" Track.
Various Codes Enter the following codes in the Name entry area to get the following options.
Choose number of opponentsNPLAYERS

Die Hard Trilogy
Die Hard 1 Codes Inf energy & ???? Left, Right, Up, Down, S. Once done you are invincible.
Heaven code. Down, Square, Triangle, Down. When baddies are shot they float to heaven.
I've just discovered a bug in Die Hard Trilogy. In the first part of the game (in the building). Before you enter the elevator to get to the next level, get right next to the bomb. Fire all but 1 shot of your weapon, then fire the last shot and hit the bomb. If you finish the level before the gun is reloaded you will start the next level with 0 ammo, but every time you shoot you will gain a bullet. That is you get almost unlimited shots! (I haven't tried to get to 999 to see what happens) The easiest way to get to the bomb before the gun gets reloaded is to roll into it.

-Thanks to Marc Prezeau (ax645@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)

Editor's Note: I'm not sure if this code works with Die Hard 1, 2, or 3. But it indicates it should work with Die Hard One. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Die Hard 2 Codes ??? Pause the game and hold R2 during the code entry. Press Left, Right, Up, Down, S. Much easier to enter now.

Die Hard 3 Codes ??? Left, Right, Up, Down, S. Have a look. Looks strange.

- Thanks to Paul `Mclane` Irvine for the above codes

Various Codes All codes must be entered while the game is paused. They are combinations of buttons and direction-pad buttons. If you do not get the code, unpause and pause again and try it again. Most messages will appear on the bottom of the screen.
Level SelectRight, Left, R2, R1, T, L1, O, X
InvincibilityDown, L2, S, R1, Right, L1, Left, O
All Weapons and Ammo and keysX, T, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, Left
Complete MapT, T, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, S
Map All ObjectsT, T, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, O
X-Ray VisionL1, R2, L2, R1, Right, T, X, Right
Play DOOM with only one CD Connect two Playstations with the link-cable and turn the power on. Now startup DOOM on the first PSX. Select Deathmatch or cooperative. Your PSX will try to connect to your friend's PSX. Wait a couple seconds and remove the CD from the first machine. Now startup DOOM on the other PSX. Make all the selections like on the first PSX. BINGO! ready to play.

Each time the game seems to hang simply swap the disc. But always wait a few seconds before removing the CD. It's annoying to swap discs each time, but it's cheaper than buying a second one!

- Thanks to Van Helsing

Ultimate DOOM Level Passwords
3 Toxin RefineryWLHYHCPVVV
4 Command ControlPF7XZ3NMMM
5 Phobos LabP7XFZ3NMMM
6 Central ProcessingPL1RY81LLL
7 Computer StationLWHYHPCPPP
8 Phobos AnomalyPFX7ZN3TTT
9 Deimos AnomalyWLHYHCP000
10 Containment AreaPFX7ZN3SSS
12 Deimos LabPFX7ZN3RRR
13 Command CenterWLHYHCP222
14 Halls of the DamnedPFX7ZN3QQQ
15 Spawning VatsWLHYHCP111
16 Hell GatePFX7ZN3FFF
17 Hell KeepWLHYHCP444
18 PandemoniumPFX7ZN3DDD
19 House of PainWLHYHCP333
20 Unholy CathedralPF7XZ3NCCC
22 LimboPL1RY81BBB
23 Tower of BabelWLHYHPC555
24 Hell BeneathPFX7ZN3KKK
25 Perfect HatredWLHYHCP888
26 Sever of the WickedPFX7ZN3JJJ
27 Unruly EvilWLHYHCP777
28 Unto the CruelPFX7ZN3HHH
29 Twilight DescendsWLHYHCP!!!
30 Threshold of PainPFX7ZN3GGG
DOOM II Level Passwords
31 EntrywayWLHYHCP999
32 UnderhallsWLHYHCPCCC
33 GauntletPFX7ZN3666
35 The Waste TunnelsPFX7ZN3555
36 The CrusherLWHYHPC555
37 Dead SimplePF7XZ3N444
38 Tricks & TrapsWLHYHPCDDD
39 The PitPL1RY81333
40 Refeuling BaseLWHYHPC777
41 'O' of DestructionPFX7ZN3!!!
42 The FactoryLWHYHPC888
43 DowntownPFX7ZN3999
44 SuburbsLWHYHPC999
45 TenementsPFX7ZN3888
46 The CourtyardLWHYHPC!!!
47 The CitadelPFX7ZN3777
49 The CatacombsPFX7ZN3YYY
50 Barrels o' FunWLHYHCPLLL
51 BloodfallsPFX7ZN3XXX
52 The Abandoned MinesLWHYHPCXXX
53 Monster CondoPF7XZ3NWWW
54 Redemption DeniedWLHYHPCNNN
Secret Levels Level Passwords
1 Fortress of MysteryPF7XZ3NVVV
2 Military BaseLWHYHPCZZZ
3 The MarshesPFX7ZN3222
5 Club DOOMPF7XN3N111

Drift King
Get "9999999" Points Turn on your system. At the "GENKI" logo screen on controller 2 hold Start + L1 + L2 + R1 + Down. Continue on holding until the title screen shows. When starting 1P game, you will start with 9999999 points!

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