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Bases Loaded 96
Cheat Mode Begin playing a normal game. During the game, on controller 2 press T, S, X, O, O, O. You will hear a piano noise. You're now in cheat mode.
Play Any Inning While in "Cheat Mode", press X. An option will appear for you to choose your inning. Press X for as many innings as you to go to. (Example. X, X, X, X takes you to the 4th inning.)
Home Run Cheat While in "Cheat Mode", press L1. You will hear "Home Run". You will now hit a home run evertime you bat!
Let the Computer take over While in "Cheat Mode", press L2. The computer will now play the rest of the game for you!
- Thanks to Teef33@gnn.com (Luke Laricy)

Beyond the Beyond
Walkthroughs Walkthru v1.0 by Ann and Iain Noble
Walkthru v1.3 by Iwata Shoji
Secret Characters Percy Percy is the masked character you'll fight in one of the caves. To get him to join your group, you must guard for about 10 rounds without accidentally killing him.

- Thanks to AK

Infinite Money + Enchanted Rings You must first have magical rings (Ring of Fire, Healing Ring, etc.) equipped on the characters first. Then simply, go to any shop & sell the equipped ring. He will offer you 7,500 gold pieces. After you sell it you'll notice that you're still equipped with the ring. Keep on selling it until you reach the maximum money limit.

Note: You can also gain as many magical rings as you want, simply by buying the rings back from the shop. Since you have as much money as you want, you can hence buy as many rings as you want.

Bogey Dead 6
More Time When the game is loading press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, X, O, T, S, AND Left When you start the game you will have 999 seconds to finish the game instead of 357.

- Thanks to Ray Rollison

Brain Dead 13
Various Hints file A quasi-walkthrough with some spoilers. B13Hints.Zip

- Thanks to Brian

Bust-A-Move 2
Extra Credits Go to the Option mode and highlight Credit, then press Left, Right, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Down. Now keep pressing O to increase the number of credits.

- Thanks to Kingpin / Oldskool

New World At the Title Screen, enter R1, Up, L2, then Down. Enjoy the new world!

- Thanks to WHiZ/PSX Pheens

Character Select Screen You can select different characters to play during Puzzle Mode. Just select Puzzle Game from the Selection Menu. When you are on the Map screen enter the following code. Right, Right, Up, Down, and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 all together. A special character select screen will appear. Cycle through the characters and select the one you want. You will start the next stage with that character.

- Thanks to James Lua

If you have any hints, tips, cheats, or FAQs that we don't have listed here, please e-mail them to us at Playstation Hints.
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