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Adidas Power Soccer
Dream Team In Arcade-Mode on the Commentator option, press O + S together. You'll hear a nice woman's voice. Now press L2 + R2 + S + X all together in option screen and you have your dream team.
Various Moves Most of these moves only work in Arcade mode.
Back FlickThis move is executed by pressing O and T while in posession of the ball.
BackheelPress S and X while in posession of the ball.
MegashotPress T and X while in posession of the ball. (I know this one is not that easy, but this prevents it from being used all the time)
RunningPress S and O. while in posession of the ball. (Again, not easy.)
Pull ShirtPress T and O while in defence.
Dangerous KickPress S and X while in defence.
Push 2 ArmsPress T and X while in defence.

Agile Warrior
Passwords 5433 Starts missions 4 and 5 and marks missions 1-3 as complete.
7154 Marks all missions as completed and starts the final mission.
0007 ???
1213 ???
1224 ???
Various Codes These codes must be entered while the game is paused.
Invincibility Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X, T (x3), S
Max Fuel and Armor Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X, T(3), O
Max Weapons Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X, Right (x4), L1 (x4), R2 (x4), L2 (x4)
B1 Airstrikes Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X (x6)
Mesh Fog Editor Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X, Down (x3), T (x3)
Overhead Map Translucency Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X, O (x5)
Hover code Left, S (x4), Up, T (x3), Right, O, Down, X, T (x3), X
- Thanks to Brian
Music CD's Agile Warrior allows you to play your own music CDs. Once you start playing the game just open the cover of your PlayStation and remove the game CD. Insert your favorite music CD and close the cover. You can chose whatever song you want to start up to song 99.

- Thanks to Brian

Air Combat
To use these codes you must follow these instructions. Before the "Now Loading" screen with the bird logo comes up press R1 + O. This will change the "Now Loading" screen to bouncing CD's. Now you have access!
Change your plane color While the bouncing CDs are showing press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, and R1. Watch for a Namco character at the lower left for confirmation.
Extra Wingman At bouncing CD screen enter Left, Right, Left, Right, S, Down,X. You'll get an extra wingman.

- Thanks to G.I.JO FOO (lfortuna@wyoming.com)

Change wingman's color Press and hold Right then press "Start" 10 times. Look for Namco character for confirmation.
Unlimited Lives Beat the game and sit through the credits. In the upper right corner of the title screen you will see Extra(010). You now have all the planes and you can never lose them.
Money Cheat Press Down, O, T, T, T, O, T, O, T + O(twice?), then you will get the full money.

- Thanks to Victor Chan

Change Planes To change the planes in the two player mode (after getting to the bouncing cd's) press Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, O, O, T, T, T.

- Thanks to Jeff Rokosz

Playing Tip To help avoid getting blasted by ground targets approach them at a great speed and a low altitude. This prevents them from getting a chance to lock on to you. This does not mean that you will never get hit by a ground target but it reduces the chances greatly.

- Thanks to Sterling Welsh (Ksidener@pacific.net)

Hidden game To get to the hidden game press Up, Left, Down, and Right. The Namco character icon will appear in the lower left of the screen. Now the next time there is a loading game screen, don't press the R1 and O. The game will pop up.
Tip on playing the extra game. Press and hold Right and O This will make you spin in small circles. To move your plane, release the O button momentarily. While released, you will fly straight. Hold the O button down again to resume flying in circles. A little practice with this method and you'll be able to move around without crashing on the edge of the screen.

Also, after getting a score of 4.75 pts/sec, wingmen were free.

The extra game on the higher missions have little UFOs instead of stealth bombers, and a little superman looking character as well.

- Thanks to Chris Bartley

Alien Trilogy (US)
Level Select Enter G0LVL and the level you want to start at as the password. Accept password, quit it, and start the game normally. You now start at the level you desired. Level 34 is the end-sequence. (There is no O available in the password section! Select a 0 [Zero] instead!)

- Thanks to Lone Soldier

Super Cheat To enable the cheat for invincibility, weapons and other stuff go to the password screen and enter 1G0TP1NK8C1DB00TS0N. Think of "I got pink acid boots on" to remember the password.

- Thanks to Thomas Gaboian!

Invincibility To become invincible press the following during the game: Left, Fire, Left, Fire, Left, Left, Fire, Right, Fire, Right, Fire, Fire.

-Thanks to Peter Birdsong

All weapons To get all weapons and items press the following during the game: Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down.

-Thanks to Peter Birdsong

Assault Rigs
Various Codes For invincibility, enter during game Left, Fire, Left, Fire, Left, Left, Fire, Right, Fire, Right, Fire, Fire
To get all Weapons and Items press Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down
- Thanks to Chris Griffin and Tony Toon
Level Codes 2 - S, X, S, x, T, S
3 - T, S, S, O, O, T
4 - T, S, T, T, O, T
5 - S, T, T, T, X, T
6 - T, S, O, O, X, S
7 - X, S, S, S, O, T
8 - T, S, X, S, T, T
9 - S, T, S, X, T, X
10 - T, T, O, S, X, S
11 - T, T, X, T, O, S
12 - O, S, T, T, T, O
13 - T, S, O, X, T, S
14 - T, T, X, S, S, X
15 - O, X, T, T, T, T
16 - O, S, O, O, O, S
17 - T, T, T, O, T, S
18 - S, O, S, X, S, T
19 - X, X, S, X, T, O
20 - X, S, X, T, T, S
21 - T, S, T, S, T, T
22 - S, S, T, O, S, T
23 - O, X, X, X, X, T
24 - T, S, S, T, T, T
25 - T, O, T, T, O, S
26 - S, O, O, X, O, X
27 - X, O, S, T, T, S
28 - S, O, S, S, S, S
29 - T, S, O, X, O, O
30 - S, O, X, O, X, T
31 - O, S, X, T, O, T
32 - T, S, X, O, S, X
33 - X, X, T, X, X, S
34 - X, O, S, O, O, S Hard!
35 - O, T, X, T, X, T
36 - X, T, T, X, X, S
37 - X, T, T, X, T, S
38 - S, T, S, T, S, X
39 - S, X, T, X, X, T
40 - T, X, T, O, S, X
41 - O, X, T, O, T, S Big cool level
- Thanks to John F. Piddock for codes 1-29
- Thanks to Hanoi Rocker for codes 30-41

If you have any hints, tips, cheats, or FAQs that we don't have listed here, please e-mail them to us at Playstation Hints.
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