PlayStation Reviews

1/17/96 Power Move Wrestling from Activision
Professional wrestling at its finest. 82%
1/3/96 Legacy of Kain from Mindscape
In a world turned upside down the only hope for salvation is through a malevolent vampire. 95%
12/16/96 Steel Harbinger from Mindscape
This Robo-babe can really kick some butt. 87%
12/11/96 Time Commando from Activision
Time travel on the PlayStation. 93%
12/4/96 Blast Chamber from Activision
Explosive entertainment comes home to your TV. 84%
11/18/96 Blazing Dragons from Mindscape
Finally, the dragons get to tell their story. 91%
11/09/96 Ridge Racer Revolution from Namco
If only we could drive like this on the street. 91%
11/09/96 Beyond the Beyond from Camelot Co.
A closer look reveals that it should keep on going..... 79%
09/10/96 Crash Bandicoot from Naughty Dog
Get a load of this, Plumber Boy! 91%
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