Just a warning and explanation before we continue. This site ran from late 1994 to late 1996.. At it's height it gathered approximately 10,000 visitors a month, which back then was a real accomplishment. I've posted this back up here as sort of a tribute to days gone by and to look at just how far we've come since then.. I don't intend to fix any of the 'bugs', but if you come across a show stopper let me know and I'll try to fix it (mostly busticated links) and quite a few I have no intention of fixing since the go nowhere anyway.

Yes, this was originally a frames site.. But back then we didn't have a lot of choice.. But it was fun and some part of me will always want to go back to the early days before the 'net became what it is today. Feydakin


I just uploaded all of the e-mags that I have.. I am missing two of them still.. Issues #22 and #26 (the last one) are no where to be found.. My guess is that they may possibly be on some old floppies in a box somewhere, but if anyone has them, please eMail them to me..

I'll put together a very basic page with the download list.. the first 4 issues are DOS based and have various issues on modern hardware.. But they are still fun to look at.. It's amazing to look at what we thought was cool back in '94.. After that they become windows programs and fare much better on modern hardware.. Wow, it's hard to believe that we managed nearly three years of publishing with little to no income.. Feydakin

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Welcome to VrE Online! Due to the huge number of requests for a Microsoft Internet Explorer version of our web site, we have added this new front door. (It seems that MSIE just can't keep up with all of the new things we are doing.)

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We apologize to all of you that have us bookmarked, but it's quite painless to change the bookmark. For those of you using MSIE, the pages are still under heavy development, so there may be some down links, missing images, etc., but we are working on them as fast as possible. If you see a problem, please e-mail us and let us know.

And while you're here, be sure to enter our weekly contest for free software, and visit our new online forum.


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